We strive to deliver 'Happy Surprising' service. MKJ International Education Center has achieved almost 100% customer satisfaction from various corporate customers as well as individual clients in terms of its program quality and consultants' performance. 

1. Wide ranging program to meet various needs

From one day-ready made program to customized program, we are ready to meet a variety of needs in your organization.

2. Truly Practical Program

Our program designing team has arranged practical programs for Myanmar professionals for over a decade. We will design a truly practical program.

3. Academic & Systematic Curriculum

Our curriculum always takes balance well between theory and practice by partnership with

Corporate Training

MKJ's corporate training program is suitable for your corporate staff in Myanmar. 

MKJ will not simply jump into method (how), but clarify what to do (what), judging from ''Context'' in your organization, industry and global business. 

MKJ's approach

1. Diagnosing backgrounds & objectives

2. Identifying challenges

3. Designing program

Workshop using

MKJ applies workshop using LEGO (R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) method and materials. 

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a facilitated thinking, communication and problem solving technique. It draws on extensive research from the field of business, organization development, psychology and learning. 

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can be used for

* Business Improvement

* Innovation & Product Development

* Team Building

Consulting & Coaching

​We can provide you with various solutions based on our intensive training experiences with over thousands of clients

* Human Resources Management

* Enterprise development

* Assessment

* Career development

* Child Education



in Myanmar


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