"Team Development Workshop with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methodology"
We, M K J International Education Center, are proud to share that we have done "Team Development Workshop" for University Students from Myanmar and Japan who are involving in International Development Field Camp (IDFC) 2019 on 14th February. 
We also would like to thank to all the students who participated actively in the workshop.

Team Development Workshop for IDFC

MKJ International Education Center organized ''Career Development Seminar & Workshop'' at Yangon University on 27 Dec, 2018 with the support of Dr. Tin Maung Oo of the University of Yangon.


About 50 students, tutors, and professors gathered, and this was also a very good study for questions with a listening attitude and a sharp point of view. In workshops that use Lego blocks,

1. Current self

2. Ideal image of career

3. Challenges needed to achieve career goals


It seemed to us that they were brilliant enough to work with a high degree of abstraction that expresses it with Lego blocks, and to give a grand presentation. We were surprised by the high level of English skills of the students who participated overall. As a person engaged in management education for adults, the opportunity to interact with active students is really valuable and we would like to make use of it in the future.

Career Development Seminar

at University of Yangon

May Chapman Deaf School located at Yangon, Myanmar was established a century ago. There are nearly 500 students from 4 years to 15 years

In discussion with Principal Ms. Nyunt Nyunt Thein, she would like to bring something different to students with better cognitive performance. MKJ introduced LEGO(R) SERIOUS PLAY(R) (LSP) method and explained about a lot of merits on LSP. Not too long, we agreed on organizing a trial-workshop for teachers and students.

On 30th October, 15 teachers and 9 students participated the workshop. The objective of workshop was ''Gaining another language with LSP''.

They usually use Burmese sign language for communication, but during the workshop, they seemed to be communicated more actively and deeply than usual.

Interestingly and impressively, teachers looked after students carefully at the beginning rather than making a model, However, step by step, they were getting active to make a model and communicating with students more passionately.

In Myanmar, just recently LEGO bricks started to sell, so most of them are not aware of the existence. Although all the students in the workshop touched LEGO bricks for the first time, they showed me a model with complicated device. It was really amazing. We found it is truly important to develop their potential abilities.

We decided to regularly visit them to conduct a workshop with more students. We were reminded of the power of LSP.

Project with Mary Chapman Deaf School

Since 2006, I have regularly visited the girl orphanage located in the southern part of Myanmar, Myeik. There are 35 orphans from 4 to 16 years old. This time I donated general fund together with Mr. Tsujinaka, CEO of Bee:h Co.,Ltd. Whenever I visit them, their shining eyes and active behaviors cheer me up. The girls requested me to teach several Japanese songs, and I organized a mini music class.

​Donation to Girls' Orphanage in Myeik

On 28th Feb, Mr. Kazumori Ra, President of MKJ International Education Center conducted a seminar regarding career development for students of Yangon Technological University. It was very impressive to see all the students attended a seminar listened to the speaker, and raised a lot of questions.

Career Development Seminar

at Yangon Technological University



in Myanmar


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