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The MKJ International Education Center was established in 2013 by a group of visionary people consisted of a Korean social entrepreneur, a Myanmar lawyer as well as professional translator, a Myanmar CPA and a Japanese business entrepreneur for the purpose of developing people of the business world from Myanmar. We act on a link to success through Management education, Leadership program, Corporate Training, Language education and cultural exchange program.

To enable you to lead people effectively and responsibly in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the MKJ International Education Center has created truly innovative programs that break down barriers between traditional disciplines.

Our unique integrated education approach will allow you to work across managerial boundaries and to fully understand how organization function as a whole, and in an international context.
The MKJ international Education Center is the best way in Myanmar to broaden your horizons, move your career and bring your ambition to an Asia Leader.

Welcome to the MKJ International Education Center!


Kazumori Ra Hwa Ig

President, MKJ International Education Center

Managing Director, Amiways Company Limited

MBA from McGill University

BA in Commerce from Waseda University

Prior to founding MKJ International Education Center, Ra had worked in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Canada in a wide range of industries with special emphasis manufacturing and education service.



in Myanmar


CONTACT US: 09 2540 66248

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